Opinion: Republicans Are Reaping The Fruits Of Backing A Demigod Like Trump

If Republicans had souls, or a semblance of ethics, they would never have embraced a demigod like Trump who is repaying them with an inter-party civil war after he lost the presidential election. And they are willing to allow a loser to decimate their party because they not only lack any ethical standards, they are cowards of the first order.

Republicans knew before Trump’s poorly-attended inauguration that he was a dangerous “ally” and aspiring dictator. But after backing the loser without hesitation for four catastrophic years he is now waging a war of retribution against the party the loser still controls.

After Trump’s historical second impeachment, one for inciting a rebellion against the United States of America, Republicans acquitted him out of sheer cowardice. Subsequently, those few Republicans who had the fortitude to stand up for America and vote to convict the terrorist leader have faced the wrath of Trump’s acolytes and now face the prospect of unrelenting attacks from the de facto leader of the Party they have devoted their lives to.

One such Republican is the Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. Trump has vowed that he will seek vengeance against the devoted Republican by campaigning against her when, and if, she runs for reelection in 2022. However, Ms. Murkowski has at least one ally in the Republican Party who said on Sunday that he will back her reelection effort if she decides to run.

The number 3 Republican in the Senate, John Barrasso (WY) defied Trump on Sunday and said he would back Murkowski’s reelection despite the threat from the GOP’s biggest loser Trump. Senator Barrasso said on “Meet the Press” that:

“I want to always make sure we nominate somebody who can win in November. Lisa Murkowski knows Alaska better than anybody, and she’s an incredible fighter for American energy” (read big oil).

Mr Barrasso’s pledge of support was in reaction to a statement by the Republican demigod on Saturday who pledged that he would never endorse Senator Murkowski “under any circumstances.” The still-aspiring dictator said in a statement on Saturday that:

She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator.

Trump had already vowed to exact retribution against anyone he considered disloyal, but what apparently reinvigorated his rage at Murkowski was because she voted to advance Representative Deb Harland’s (D-N.M.) nomination for the job of Interior Secretary.

Ms. Murkowski was the lone Republican on the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee to vote to advance Ms. Haaland’s nomination, and Trump cited that act as the most recent example of why Murkowski had to go.

However, the key word in Trump’s remarks was “disloyal” and little else. Murkowski has been a Republican stalwart and supported everything Trump wanted over the past four disastrous years. But she did not support his attempt to overthrow the United States government to stay in power after losing the 2020 general election to President Joseph Biden. Murkowski was part of an un-American cohort that condoned every dirty filthy thing Trump did throughout his unwarranted tenure in the White House, but inciting a bloody coup d’état against the United States was a bridge too far.

It is noteworthy that Senator Barrasso also came out in support of Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) after she became the target of Trump’s vengeance. Ms. Cheney was also regarded as disloyal to the GOP demigod for voting in favor of impeaching the domestic terrorist for inciting an insurrection against the United States government. Cheney, like Murkowski, is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican stalwart but she also recognized that a traitor to the United States of America has no right serving in any position in government and deserved to be summarily thrown out via impeachment.

It is unclear how much longer the majority of Republicans will continue supporting a domestic terrorist as the GOP leader, and no decent American will shed a tear if the Republican Party civil war decimates the anti-everything party. But it appears there will be no end of the mayhem until Trump is deposited in a federal prison for any number of crimes that no regular American would be allowed to commit with veritable impunity.

One does hope the Republican Party suffers from the attacks of vengeance at the hands of Trump and his terrorist-supporting acolytes within the Party as well as his anti-American base. What is beyond comprehension, though, is the GOP’s fealty to a loser who will burn down the Party like he attempted to burn down America for preventing him becoming dictator.

Republicans are dirty cowards for not standing strong against Trump when he committed the ultimate crime against the country the GOP claims to love, but their reticence to protect two of their most devoted Party members epitomizes their betrayal of their oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. At this point, it is abundantly clear that Trump is an enemy of anyone who fails to protect him; even when he attacks members of his own party after inciting an attack against the United States – the definition of a domestic terrorist.