Stephen Miller Decides to Weigh in on the Royal Family Drama by Bashing Harry and Meghan

There were many unpopular figures in the Trump administration. There was Ivanka and Jared who were given important jobs despite their complete lack of experience. And there was a long line of press secretaries who were willing to tell almost any lie to please their boss. Democrats sure disliked these people.

But no figure from the Trump White House was more unpopular than Stephen Miller. The adviser often appealed to the former president’s most disgraceful instincts when it came to immigration.

Last night, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about their experiences in the Royal Family. Despite the couples allegations of overt racism, Conservative media was quick to blast them.

Mille was no exception. He took to Twitter, writing, “Here’s the question Oprah should have asked Harry & Meghan: Isn’t the whole point of the Royal Family that it’s *not* about you but about your country? It’s about service to the UK and the Commonwealth.”


The controversial former advisor continued, “During President Trump’s head of state visit to the UK, I had the privilege of getting to meet several members of the Royal Family . They were unfailingly gracious & deeply committed to preserving the traditions and heritage of the UK.”

Not surprisingly, Miller’s messages drew the dreaded Twitter ratio. Only 382 users liked his first tweet and there were over 1,200 comments. It is likely that there will be many more Twitter ratios in Miller’s future.