Trump Is Still Losing As Supreme Court Refuses To Hear His Final Election Fraud Case


The Supreme Court has declined to hear Trump’s final bogus election fraud case centered on the state of Wisconsin.

CNN reported:

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted:


The cases are vital to Trump because he is looking everywhere for some institution to validate his Big Lie that there was election fraud and that the election was stolen from him.

There has not been a single court to rule in favor that the election was improper. Trump needs validation because he is still trying to get the Big Lie beyond the conservative media bubble. Trump diehards will believe the fraud claims without evidence, but the rest of the country wants to see proof.

A court victory anywhere would also give Republicans political justification for their widespread effort to suppress the vote, but the Supreme Court is not playing along.

Donald Trump has followed up a failed business career with a failed presidency and now failed legal challenges.

The book is now closed on the 2020 election has the battle has now shifted toward protecting voting rights in 2022 and 2024.

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