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Speaker Pelosi: Republicans May Have Voted Against Stimulus, But They’ll Take Credit When it Works

Senators recently voted on Joe Biden‘s relief plan. The bill was enormously popular with support from 70% of Americans and more than half of the country’s Republicans.

Still, 0% of GOP senators decided to support the bill. But according to Nancy Pelosi, they’ll be more than happy to take credit for the package when it works.

Speaker Pelosi lauded the bill, saying, “It’s a remarkable, historic, transformative piece of legislation, which goes a very long way to crushing the virus and solving our economic crisis. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it.”

The Speaker continued, “In any event, all of it excellent. All of it fair. All of it an opportunity for us to grow the economy by investing in the people for the people. And I might say for our Republican colleagues who — they say no to the vote, and they show up at the ribbon-cuttings or the presentations.” She later added, “As I said, they’ll take some credit for it in their districts.”

The Speaker of the House closed, “Our members have good judgement, and they know that this legislation is just something historic and transformative. … It’s hard for us to understand how the Republicans can vote against this bill because it has such an impact on their constituents.”

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