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Republicans Are Privately Fuming As Biden Refuses To Engage In Their Culture Wars

Republicans are struggling to figure out how to combat President Joe Biden’s popularity, particularly after he just bested them on COVID relief while refusing to engage in their pointless culture wars.

According to the Associated Press, “Unlike previous Democratic leaders, Biden himself simply isn’t proving to be an easy target or animating figure for the GOP base, prompting Republicans to turn to the kind of cultural issues the party has used to cast Democrats as elitist and out of touch with average Americans.”

While the GOP might have had some success using this approach in the past – back when Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton motivated the Republican base – they are completely striking out in the Biden era.

“It’s gonna take Republicans a few weeks to realize how badly they got rolled on the COVID bill while they wasted all their precious time and energy whining about Dr. Seuss,” one former Ted Cruz adviser tweeted, according to the report.

Another longtime Republican operative told the AP that Biden doesn’t generate the “conservative outrage” that previous Democratic leaders have.

More from the report:

Biden’s strategy on the culture war issues has been to largely not engage. White House press secretary Jen Psaki danced around questions about Dr. Seuss.

Biden himself has largely stayed gaffe-free, with the exception of his calling decisions by Republican governors to lift mask mandates “Neanderthal,” which generated a brief tempest on the right.

Instead, the West Wing has focused on the relief bill, believing that Americans will reward results, not controversy.

The GOP looks smaller than ever as Biden delivers for the American people

When the 2022 midterms roll around, Republican lawmakers are going to have to return home and tell their constituents that whining about cancel culture was a better use of time than providing any sort of relief for the American people.

Meanwhile, Democrats will be able to run on a rescue package that gave direct relief to working families, tackled the pandemic, and cut child poverty in half, among other things.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are on the verge of enacting an historic and popular piece of legislation that will lift up millions of Americans  – and they did it while Republicans sat in the corner and whined about old Dr. Seuss books.

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