Steve Scalise calls stimulus for families socialism

House Republicans Melt Down And Call Stimulus Checks Socialism

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:22 pm

House Republicans, like Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), couldn’t defend opposing the stimulus bill, so he screamed socialist.


Scalise was an example of how House Republicans are trying to convince themselves that any stimulus that doesn’t go to the rich is socialism.

Rep. Scalise said at the weekly House House Republican leadership press conference, “We are focused on winning the House back. If you look, the NRCC outraised the Democrats in January. It shows you people recognize that Speaker Pelosi‘s socialist agenda is way too out of touch with the mainstream in the country. We are going to keep working on getting the House back and raising the money it takes to elect more good candidates like Ashley Henson here, who was already a leader helping fights to reopen schools, so we will continue to fight for hard-working families while they continue to promote a socialist agenda.”

The majority of the Biden stimulus goes to individuals. The top one percent get nothing in the Biden stimulus, while the bottom twenty percent will see a twenty percent increase in their incomes. House Republicans are trying to sell a bill that is the most popular piece of major legislation since 2007 as socialism.

The screaming socialism about popular legislation strategy didn’t work in 2020, and it’s not going to be successful in 2022.

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