Trump State Department Terrorist Who Participated In Capitol Attack Has Top Secret Clearance

Prosecutors revealed that the Trump State Department appointee who participated in the Capitol attack had top-secret clearance.

According to court filings from the prosecution in the Klein case:

Federico Klein should be detained no matter what clearances that he possesses because he attacked multiple members of the Capitol Police with a weapon. The Trump terrorists have been whining to judges about how unfair it is that they are in jail for trying to overthrow the United States government.

No one should be surprised that a domestic terrorist was able to get a top-secret clearance in the Trump administration.

Klein has been complaining in court that the cockroaches in his cell were keeping him awake at night, which might not be much different than spending time at one of Donald Trump’s unsanitary health code violating properties.

The Trump terrorists need to remain locked up and be given maximum sentences. Klein is a definite flight risk, who has proven himself to be both a danger to the general public and the safety and security of the United States.

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