WATCH: Fox’s Martha MacCallum Calls the Efficacy of Masks Into Question

In the last week, red states have begun to lift their COVID restrictions. Not only have states like Texas and Mississippi told business they can open at 100%, they have also removed all requirements to wear face masks.

Fox News has decided to aid these states by calling the efficacy of masks into question. They do this, of course, with very little evidence to support their claims. During a Tuesday interview with Brett Giroir who was formerly the US Assistant Secretary for Health.

Giroir told the Fox host, “We did not know that masks didn’t work, we did not know that they did work. And I think overstating it the way he (Dr. Anthony Fauci) did was not a service to the country. We just didn’t have the data then, it was clear we had to preserve masks for healthcare workers, but I think that was poor messaging, and we had to reverse that, and I think it took a lot of effort to reverse that. “

MacCallum then jumped in, “Yeah, I always think we’re going to look back at these studies and wonder about the true effectiveness of masks and whether or not they really did make a difference. I think that story continues to be studied and we’re learning more about it to be sure.”

Giroir responded, “And I’m going to plug masks. I do believe masks work, they’re still very important for us to wear when there’s outbreak areas.  “

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: