Fox News Pushes Absurd Conspiracy Theory About Biden Not Being In Charge

“Fox and Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt criticized President Joe Biden for not holding a formal press conference and asked “who’s really in charge” at the White House, implying that Vice President Kamala Harris has taken a more prominent role in international affairs.

“President Biden’s gone 49 days without a formal press conference. He’s not taking questions,” she asked Senator Mike Leigh (R-Utah) during his appearance on the program. “That’s the longest a president has gone in the last 100 years without holding a solo press conference,” she said. “But then you’ve got his vice president, Kamala Harris, who’s taking all these calls with foreign leaders, taking all of their phone calls, so who’s really in charge here?”

“There’s nothing in my copy of the Constitution that says the president has to hold solo press conferences,” Lee responded. “But as you say, this is something that modern presidents have done. It does beg the question why he’s not doing these. If she’s taking the calls with foreign leaders, what on Earth is he doing? Maybe he’s performing some advanced mathematical algorithm.”

“Is it because he doesn’t want to take the questions from the reporters?” Earhardt asked.

“One could infer that Ainsley, that is certainly a possibility,” Lee said, “but if he’s not going to do these press interviews, I would like to know what he’s doing that’s so time-consuming that makes it that he can’t do that. Look, it’s his choice: His administration, his presidency. But just the same, I’d be curious [about] what he is doing.”

You can hear these remarks in the video below.

Last week, Earhardt claimed without offering evidence that the White House is “silencing” Biden.

“When President Biden steps up in the front of the microphone, it usually looks like they’re shoving him off to the side,” Earhardt said in response to co-host Steve Doocy’s observation that Biden doesn’t often take questions from reporters. “He might be answering a few questions when he goes out. If he does answer a question, to your point, it’s to someone who’s already pre-selected.”

It just makes us wonder, what are they hiding? Why don’t they want him to answer questions? Why are they trying to control him? Why is he so measured?” she added. “Especially compared to the last president, President Trump, who would walk onto the helicopter and he would always stop and talk to reporters.”