Republicans Freak Out Over Biden’s Dog Nipping A Secret Service Agent, But Ignore Trump Killing People

Republicans are throwing a fit over Biden’s dog nipping a Secret Service agent but have blown off Trump killing people trying to overthrow the government.

The Secret Service said that the dog nip was no big deal:

NBC’s Kristen Welker added more detail:

Major is a rescue dog. These dogs have usually had hard lives and experienced trauma. A nip is a warning. It’s not ideal, but it is, as the Secret Service suggested, not a big deal.

Donald Trump tries to overthrow the government, and in the process, potentially injure or kill them, and Republicans immediately shrug and move on as if nothing happened. A presidential dog nips a Secret Service agent, and Republicans decide that this is the biggest crime against America since 9/11.

Republicans have descended into self-parody. The Biden stimulus bill that they voted against is universally popular. Their attacks on the President have gained no traction. Their cable news propaganda outlet, Fox News, is in the ratings dumpster.

They literally have nothing but Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Suess, and Biden’s dog.

Democrats are rebuilding America while Republicans while about toys, children’s books, and dog nips.

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