Democrats Are Just Getting Started As They Plan To Have Infrastructure Bill To Biden By September

Democrats in Congress aren’t resting after passing the American Rescue Plan. They are already planning to have an infrastructure bill to Biden by September.

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) laid out the infrastructure timeline:

Each dollar of infrastructure spending generates $2.20 in GDP, “In 2015, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that every dollar spent on infrastructure brought an economic benefit of up to $2.20.1 The US Council of Economic Advisers has calculated that $1 billion of transportation-infrastructure investment supports 13,000 jobs for a year.2 Beyond the numbers, infrastructure is critical to the health and well-being of the country: the United States could not function without the roads, bridges, sewers, clean water, and airports previous generations paid for.”

Infrastructure was turned into a joke under the previous administration, as they would declare infrastructure week, and then Trump would provoke some distracting and unrelated crisis.

Republicans talked about infrastructure for four years, Democrats are going to deliver and send the US economy into a surging period of economic growth.

Republicans talk, but it’s Democrats who make it happen.

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