GOP Senator Roger Wicker Celebrates the Passing of Stimulus Bill He Voted Against

In Washington DC, it is generally good practice to try to tie yourself to popular measures. And this week, the House passed an incredibly popular stimulus bill. The bill is set to bring relief to millions of Americans and thousands of small businesses.

And despite the fact that over 70% of Americans and a majority of Republicans supported the bill. It had no GOP support. Not one Republican senator voted for the measure over the weekend.

That fact, however, did not stop Mississippi’s Roger Wicker from celebrating certain aspects of the legislation. The senator tweeted, “One bright spot from this week’s budget package is the $28.6 billion in targeted support for restaurants that have been hit hard by the pandemic. Senator Sinema and my RESTAURANTS Act was the first amendment added to the package.”

The message has been ratioed with only 30 likes at the moment with nearly 200 comments. Comedian Patton Oswalt responded to the post, “YOU VOTED AGAINST IT YOU LEERING FOSSIL!”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi actually predicted on Tuesday that Republicans would attempt to take credit for the bill. She told reporters:

“In any event, all of it is excellent. All of it fair. All of it an opportunity for us to grow the economy by investing in the people for the people. And I might say for our Republican colleagues who — they say no to the vote, and they show up at the ribbon-cuttings or the presentations. As I said, they’ll take some credit for it in their districts.”