Ben Shapiro Says Relief Checks Are Pointless Because the Pandemic is Already Over

On Thursday, Joe Biden signed his stimulus plan into law. The bill will bring relief to millions of Americans. It also has enormous support. Polls have shown that the legislation is very popular with over 70% of people saying they support it.

And it is likely to be seen as a major accomplishment for Joe Biden. Within his first 50 days in office, he has passed the stimulus bill and the country is averaging over 2 million vaccinations a day.

Conservative media is working hard on finding ways to criticize the new administration despite its successes. On Thursday, Ben Shapiro told his audience that since the pandemic is over, no relief bill was even necessary.

The pundit began, “┬áBy the way, help should’ve been on the way in, I don’t know, August. OK, the reality is there were COVID relief packages passed all the way up — in a bipartisan fashion during the Trump administration..”

Shapiro continued:

“This thing was passed along pure party lines. Why? Because the pandemic is basically over, ok? The pandemic is done. Ok, now we’re spending $1.9 trillion, more money than has ever been seen by God or man, spending money that has not yet been created, we are spending all of that money to do what? To do what? We are now actively encouraging people not to go back to work. We are providing enhanced unemployment incentives that go all of the way to September. September. Are you insane? September?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters: