Trump Demands Americans Thank Him For Biden Fixing The Pandemic

Trump released a statement calling on the American people to thank him for Joe Biden fixing the pandemic disaster he caused.

Trump’s statement:

Trump is demanding a thank you for likely killing healthcare workers by taking billions away from their PPE funding.

Donald Trump left America without enough vaccine and no federal vaccine distribution plan. Trump turned down an offer to buy hundreds of millions of more doses of vaccine. Trump needlessly killed Americans by misinforming about the pandemic and having no coordinated federal response.

Trump trying to take credit for Biden’s success is nothing new. Trump tried to take credit for Obama‘s accomplishments while he was president. Without his Twitter account, Donald Trump has no platform to spread his lies, so he has been reduced to issuing pathetic statements that hint at his plan to run for president again off of Joe Biden’s success.

Without Donald Trump being such a deadly and spectacular failure as president, there would not be the, so far, excellent presidency of Joe Biden.

Trump is likely to be criminally indicted before the year is out, so he can pretend like he is politically relevant, but a president who tried to overthrow the government should get a mandatory prison sentence, not a thank you.

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