Trump Jr. Claims There is No “Better Visual” Than Biden’s Dog Biting a Staff Member to Explain His Presidency

Donald Trump Jr. claimed there is no “better visual” than President Joe Biden‘s dog biting a White House staff member, becoming the latest right-wing figure to criticize the president for the incident.

But the incident itself was “minor,” as reporters have confirmed.

“Major is a rescue dog. These dogs have usually had hard lives and experienced trauma. A nip is a warning. It’s not ideal, but it is, as the Secret Service suggested, not a big deal,” PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote earlier this week, noting that it serves as little more than a distraction from Biden’s legislative achievements and the recent Capitol riot.

“Donald Trump tries to overthrow the government, and in the process, potentially injure or kill them, and Republicans immediately shrug and move on as if nothing happened. A presidential dog nips a Secret Service agent, and Republicans decide that this is the biggest crime against America since 9/11,” he adds.

Biden’s dogs were temporarily moved to his home in Delaware but will soon return to the White House.