Biden And Harris Are Going To Coast To Coast To Become Republicans’ Worst Nightmare

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Republicans would have to explain why they voted against the stimulus.


The Deputy White House Press Secretary said on MSNBC:

Poll after poll after poll, Alex, that we have seen in the past month or so, shows strong bipartisan support for this piece of legislation, the American rescue plan, that is now law. And we saw overwhelming support even from Republicans. We saw polls, like 59% of Republicans, supporting this piece of legislation. So you have Democrats, you have Independents, you have Republicans who say they want that $1,400 check because they have been hurt so badly by this past year, the pandemic, and this economic crisis.

And so that’s who we’re listening to. And, you know, Alex, the thing is, the people who are not supporting this, the Republicans who are not supporting it, are the Republicans on the hill. So they’re going to have to go back to their constituents, they’re going to have to go into their district, go into their states, and explains why they voted against not putting $1,400 in people’s pockets who need it the most, not voting for a piece of legislation that helps small businesses, who really felt the brunt of this virus, of this pandemic, not voting for a piece of legislation that cut child poverty in half. That is on them, to try to explain to their own constituents why they didn’t do this.

President Biden has learned some key lessons from his time in the Obama administration. The Biden administration is doing popular things, and they are not giving Republicans time to spread their lies and false information about Democratic accomplishments.

The President and Vice President will travel the country and make Republicans defend their votes against the popular stimulus bill in their own backyards.

Republicans in Congress voted against the stimulus, and this White House is not going to let them off the hook. They are going to have to answer for the votes, as the GOP’s worst nightmare is going to come true.
The President is going to hold them accountable for ignoring the will of the majority of Americans.

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