Chris Christie Demands We Give Trump Credit For COVID Vaccine He Had Nothing To Do With

Chris Christie demanded that America give Trump credit for the COVID vaccine that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed had nothing to do with.

Full Video of The ABC This Week Segment:

Christie said on ABC’s This Week:

And I was disappointed in the speech the other night because I think that you have got to give President Trump some credit for the fact that Operation Warp Speed happened, along with the pharma industry in this country and around the world. We’re saving the world now.

It won’t kill President Biden to be able to say, hey, listen, Donald Trump did that part of it right. By investing in these vaccines, we now have hundreds of millions of doses, and I’m going to build on it, and I’m going to make it better. That would be fine.

Christie’s comments were part of the new Republican Big Lie (COVID edition). Trump’s Operation Warp Speed didn’t lead to the creation and development of the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccines were in development months before Trump launched Operation Warp Speed. Trump did not inspire or speed up the development of the vaccine.

The idea that Trump deserves credit for something that he had nothing to do with is a way for Republicans to diminish Joe Biden‘s accomplishments while giving Trump credit that he does not deserve.

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