Pelosi Eats Republicans For Lunch By Bringing Up Their Tax Cuts For The Rich Hypocrisy

Speaker Pelosi pointed out that Republicans are the last people in the world who have any credibility on the debt after their tax cuts for the rich.


Transcript of Speaker Pelosi on ABC’s This Week talking about a new infrastructure bill:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But it is going to take new taxes, right? You say fiscally sound.

PELOSI: Well, we’ll see. There are some fees that spring from certain harbor maintenance tax credits, this that, we’ll see. I think that some of it needs to be — we’ll look at everything.

We’ll look at the tax code. We’ll look at the appropriations process. We’ll look at bonding in terms of Build America Bonds enabled us to do so much in our (ph) package under President Obama, and Vice President Biden. We’ll take a look at those, but, again, we want to be fiscally sound as we go forward.

And this is job creating which creates revenue that comes back to the Treasury, unlike what the Republicans did with their tax scam in 2017 which gave 83 percent of the benefits to the top 1 percent and debted our children to the tune of nearly $1.9 trillion — recognize the figure, in debt, added to the national debt. So they should be the last people to be talking about what is too expensive for the American people as we meet their needs.

Infrastructure spending creates jobs. Republicans and Democrats have long agreed that infrastructure spending is good for the country, and the economy.

Republicans are going to claim that everything that Democrats propose is too expensive. Suddenly, after wasting trillions of dollars on tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations Republicans have come to Jesus on the debt.

As Speaker Pelosi said, Republicans have no credibility on the debt, which is anytime a Republican cries crocodile tears about the cost of proposed spending, they need to be made to answer for the votes in favor of Trump‘s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

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