Allen Weisselberg’s Former Daughter-in-Law Says She’s Cooperating With Prosecutors

Thanks to a ban from Twitter, Americans are hearing so much less from Donald Trump these days. The former president seems to occupy most of his days playing golf and preparing for his upcoming court cases.

And both New York and Georgia are building out strong cases against Trump. The New York case looks further along as former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has already spoken to prosecutors 7 times.

Cy Vance’s team is also taking a close look Allen Weisselberg. At least one former member of the long-time accountant’s family is cooperating. Ex Daughter-in-Law Jennifer Weisselberg says she is speaking with prosecutors and will not be silenced.

Jennifer  is divorced from Weisselberg’s son Barry. Her lawyer, Duncan Levin, said in a statement:

“Jennifer Weisselberg is committed to speaking the truth, no matter how difficult that may be. She will continue to cooperate fully with the various law enforcement agencies that are investigating her ex-husband’s family and the very powerful interests they represent. Jennifer refuses to be silenced any longer by those who are conspiring to prevent her from sharing what she has learned over the past 25 years.”

A few weeks back, Bloomberg‘s Tim O’Brien explained why going after Weisselberg and his family could be a smart strategy for Vance. He told Nicolle Wallace, “What you’re seeing now is a classic prosecutorial strategy to the extent that they’re doing more than merely looking at Allen Weisselberg and they’re pondering prosecuting Allen Weisselberg, that means Allen Weisselberg might flip, and if Allen Weisselberg flips, you’re going to see a number of dominoes very quickly tip over inside the Trump organization.”