Anderson Cooper: If Trump’s Main Accomplishment is Developing Vaccines, Why Won’t He Promote Them

The first two months of Joe Biden‘s presidency have gone pretty well. He was able to pass a massive stimulus bill that is already putting money in American pockets. And millions of people are getting vaccinated each day.

Americans have appreciated Biden’s performance as his approval rating is now above 60%. One could only imagine that Donald Trump is stewing. This became obvious this weekend when Trump issued a statement demanding credit for the development of vaccines.

Still, while he wants credit, Trump hasn’t pushed his supporters to get inoculated. Anderson Cooper called out this hypocrisy during his Monday night show.

The CNN host began, “The former president launched the effort to speed up the testing and production of it and recently demanded national gratitude for the speedy delivery of what he calls ‘that beautiful shot.’ He’s the one who once upon a time even seemed to recognize the public health purpose of someone like him getting vaccinated or not as the situation demanded.”

Cooper continued, “To cut to the chase, he did get vaccinated. He did it off camera in secret. Which is pretty remarkable when you consider how willing he’s always been to weigh in on anything, but especially his accomplishments, which this actually is.”

The host closed, “There’s reason to doubt the former president’s effectiveness as a spokesperson for getting vaccinated. That’s the same reason his supporters are now COVID skeptical. For the entire outbreak, he politicized public health. Whether is was bad-mouthing mask wearing, mocking social distancing, touting quack cures. Donald J. Trump, in effect, vaccinated his supporters against the science.”