Biden Drops The Hammer On Republicans By Declaring “Shots In Arms, Money In Pockets”

President Biden used a slogan that left Republicans with no counter as he told Americans that he’s putting shots in arms and money in pockets.


President Biden said:

Over the next ten days, we’ll reach two goals, two giant goals. The first is 100 million shots in people’s arms will have been completed in the next ten days. And 100 million checks in people’s pockets in the next 100 days. Shots in arms and money in pockets. That’s important. The American rescue plan is already doing what it was designed to do, make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We’re just getting started. By the time all the money is distributed, 85% of American households will have gotten a $1,400 rescue check.

To give one more example, for the average family of two parents and two children making a combined income of $110,000 a year, that’s going to add $5,600 for them, $5,600 they’ll get. The plan does a lot more. It extends unemployment insurance for the 11 million Americans who are unemployed and anyone who will be unemployed in the near term. It will help hundreds of thousands of businesses keep their doors open, which makes a gigantic difference in neighborhoods and communities.

Republicans have no counter-message, as President Biden and the White House are pouring it on. The American people understand shots in arms and money in pockets. Republicans tried to scream socialism, and that went nowhere.

The President has come up with a simple message. The American people can see the vaccination numbers, and they see stimulus checks hitting their bank account.

Joe Biden is delivering, and he even has a slogan to drive the message home.

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