Online Interest In Trump Crashes To All-Time Low As Biden Leads America Toward Recovery

As President Joe Biden leads America toward recovery, both with the pandemic and the economic downturn, online interest in disgraced former President Donald Trump has crashed to an all-time low.

As MSNBC‘s Ari Melber pointed out on Monday, media and internet attention is like oxygen for Trump – it keeps him going. The fact that he is getting so little of it has to be getting under his thin skin.

“Press and public adulation is probably one of the only constants of his entire chaotic life,” Melber said. “Trump is now at an all-time low since he entered politics.”


Melber said:

All three of us know that Donald Trump does care about his public image. Press and public adulation is probably one of the only constants of his entire chaotic life. We checked on this methodically because the numbers can tell the story. I’m going to show you this recent period going from about the fall campaign through the election through January, which was, of course, what we lived through on the insurrection. This is from Google, so it’s a macro dataset. You can see, obviously, where things spike – around the election, November, debates, then January 6th. What you see on the right-hand corner there is a complete crash, Sam. I’m curious not just from Twitter, but from staying off TV and really not even hitting Biden on easy stuff where he could. Trump is now at an all-time low since he entered politics.

Trump is not the political force he thought he’d be

Even after Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden, the conventional wisdom was that Trump would remain the most powerful force in politics.

The opposite appears to have happened as the American people have largely tuned him out. As Politico noted over the weekend, “Trump was supposed to be a political Godzilla in exile. Instead, he’s adrift.”

Instead of paying attention to the former president, folks are watching – and widely approving of – Joe Biden as he fulfills his main campaign promise of tackling the pandemic and rebuilding the economy.

Donald Trump is a has-been who nobody pays attention to anymore, not the powerful political force that he hoped to be in his post-presidency.

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