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Opinion: Sleazy Republican Takes Credit For Biden-Democrats COVID Aid Package

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:23 pm

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Despite every Republican in Congress voting against President Biden’s COVID-19 relief package, some of them twice, they are claiming credit because the aid package enjoys broad support.

If there is only one thing to remember about Republicans in Congress, or the White House for that matter, it is they detest helping Americans more than they love pandering to religious extremists, white supremacists, and the rich. In fact, Republicans typically move the proverbial Heaven and real Earth to oppose or undo anything Democrats do to help the people; no matter what it is.

But when Democrats enact wildly popular legislation specifically to help all Americans, Republicans jump to claim credit even though they oppose helping the regular people on principle.

The idea of taking credit for something they oppose is not new. In fact, dirty Don Trump immediately took credit for a raging economy that the Obama Administration had to fight Republicans tooth and nail to achieve. Trump is a sleazy piece of work, that is no revelation, but at least two Republicans in Congress are as sleazy as Trump. 

Since every Republican voted against the Democrat’s much-needed COVID-19 aid package, one might expect them to continue railing against the financial aid package to show their constituents how committed they are to refusing to help people in need. However, at least two Republicans boasted about the package and one really sleazy malcontent claimed thsy she introduced the legislation after voting against its passage; not once, but twice.

The Republican cretin, Representative Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL), had the audacity to state on Twitter:

So proud to announce that the Biden Administration has just implemented my bipartisan COVID relief bill.

So, it is bad enough that Salazar has the temerity to boast about the benefits to struggling businesses in the aid package, despite having voted against it twice, but the really sleazy part is that the bill was not a bipartisan effort, and it was not her bill. President Biden gets credit for introducing the $1.9 trillion package and since no Republican in Congress voted for it, it can never be regarded as “bipartisan.”

It takes a person of extremely low moral character, the definition of sleazy, to take credit for another person’s achievements. And it is doubtful that few Americans of character would consider any congressional Republican as anything other than having no moral character whatsoever. Not when they supported separating children from their parents and then throwing them in cages, looking the other way when police officers kill unarmed African American men for sport, or acquit a fascist sleaze bag like Trump after he incited a deadly insurrection against the United States government in an attempted coup d’état.

It shouldn’t surprise any conscious American that Ms. Salazar was not the only sleazy Republican praising the relief package after voting against it.

Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) tweeted on Wednesday past about the $28.6 billion included in the  $1.9 trillion package passed solely by Democrats for their inclusion of “targeted relief” for restaurants. Of course he failed to mention that he voted against the package, but he did not dare make that public as if no-one knew that every sleazy Republican in both houses of Congress opposed the bill. His Tweet read:

Independent restaurant operators have won $28.6 billion worth of targeted relief. This funding will ensure small businesses can survive the pandemic by helping to adapt their operations and keep their employees on the payroll.”

It is unclear exactly why every Republican voted against what is arguably a very popular stimulus-relief bill. It is likely that they were confident the Democrats would pass the bill so the sleaze balls could take credit afterwards, or the inherit meanness and animus towards Americans who are not filthy rich is so deeply ingrained that they had to try to stop anything that would help regular Americans. But whatever their motivation, their intent was to stop the aid package if possible just to prove to Trump and their high-dollar donors that they are not Republicans in name only (RINOS).

No matter their motivation, Republicans did attempt to kill the bill because they, like Republican Representative Maria Elvira Salazar and Senator Roger Wicker, are the personification of “low moral character” and as sleazy as they come for taking credit for and praising a relief package they opposed because it helps regular Americans.

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