Another Republican In The Slammer As Kansas Senate Majority Leader Arrested For DUI

The Republican Majority Leader of the Kansas state senate was arrested and jailed for DUI, evading police, speeding, and improperly crossing a divided highway.

The Kansas City Star reported, “Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop was booked into the Shawnee County Jail early Tuesday, accused of driving under the influence, attempting to flee or evade a law enforcement officer, speeding and improperly crossing a divided highway. The Wichita Republican was booked at 3:55 a.m., according to online jail records. A bond amount of $1,000 is listed.”

Following the lead of Republican Party leader Donald Trump, Suellentrop didn’t settle for a plain old DUI. He went big and made sure to jeopardize the lives of other innocent people who might be on the road.

The next time Republicans whine about Joe Biden‘s dog, or Dr. Suess, or Mr. Potato Head remember that these are the sort of people who are doing the complaining.

The result of the 2020 election showed that character matters. The early effectiveness of the Biden presidency is proof that government works best when it is filled with people of good character who know what they are doing.

Republicans allowed Trump to create a culture of turning a blind eye toward criminality in their party, and that decision leads to the sort of endangering lawlessness that happened in Kansas.

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