Bombshell Intel Report Annihilates Trump’s Big Lie That The Election Was Stolen

A US intelligence report found that no foreign government interfered in the election and manipulated the results, which destroys Trump’s big lie.

The report found, “We have no indications that any foreign actor attempted to interfere in the 2020 US elections by altering any technical aspect of the voting process, including voter registration, ballot casting, vote tabulation, or reporting results.”


Trump’s lie interfered in the election for Joe Biden was also debunked, but there was election interference going on in 2020. The biggest source of election interference was Russia, as Putin was trying to manipulate voters with disinformation to keep Donald Trump in power.

The Russians were also found to be behind the Trump/Ukraine scheme to smear Joe Biden. The false information that Rudy Giuliani obtained about the Bidens came from Russia.


Senate Republicans, like Sen. Ron Johnson, were complicit in this operation by attempting to launder Russian disinformation through the United States Senate.

The election wasn’t stolen from Donald Trump. He lost. There was no interference or voting machine manipulation. It was just a failed and unpopular president being booted out of office by a substantial majority of voters.