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VP Kamala Harris Hits The Road To Tell People Their Stimulus Rights

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Vice President Kamala Harris said the American Rescue Plan tour is about telling Americans their rights under the stimulus bill.


Vice President Harris said, “It’s not selling it. It’s literally letting people know their rights, right? It’s kind of like you — you buy a product, you’ve already been sold on the product, but you need some directions on

the box usually, so this is about, know that you’re entitled to this. File your taxes so that you can speed up the benefits that you’re going to receive. Talk to your friends and neighbors about getting vaccinations.”

Vice President Harris is right. The stimulus is already popular. The administration doesn’t need to convince people to support it. They are preemptively messaging against Republican lies to make sure that people know what they are entitled to under the bill.

For all of Obama’s virtues as president, one of the areas where his administration didn’t excel was in explaining their actions clearly and quickly. The Obama administration also didn’t like to take credit for their accomplishments.


President Biden learned from the Obama years, and his team is getting out there ahead of Republicans and telling people the truth about the stimulus. The tour might not be a victory lap, but it is good politics for 2022 and 2024.

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