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Trump Tower Chicago Is Under Investigation For Using Vaccines Meant For Minority Communities

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Trump Tower in Chicago is under investigation for vaccinating employees at the luxury hotel through a program intended to help minority communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Block Club Chicago, “Loretto Hospital on the West Side vaccinated workers at Trump Tower Downtown, officials acknowledged Tuesday — but the hospital’s story about how the event happened directly contradicts what a Trump executive said happened.”


The report notes that the small hospital that supplied the vaccines serves a part of Chicago that has been hit hard by the virus and where access to shots has been limited.

The incident is under investigation by the Chicago Department of Public health, but it’s currently unclear why Trump Tower employees were able to get vaccinated at a time when workers at other hotels are not eligible.

More from Block Club Chicago:

Chicago Department of Public Health officials said they are investigating the March 10 vaccination event. It’s unclear why workers at former President Donald Trump’s namesake, luxury hotel were prioritized for vaccines — where one of Loretto’s chief executives owns a condo — while similar hotel workers have not been allowed to get the shots.

The vaccination event at the Downtown tower, 401 N. Wabash Ave., comes as many in Chicago who are eligible to be vaccinated and most at risk from COVID-19 are still struggling to find an appointment and get their shots.

Another investigation with Trump’s name on it

While there is no indication that Donald Trump himself is involved in what happened at his namesake in Chicago, the investigation is just the latest in a series of probes with the former president’s name on it.

From New York – where Trump appears to be in the most legal jeopardy – to Georgia, the former president is facing legal woes that will likely grow in the months and years ahead.

Wherever the Trump name appears, investigations seem to follow.

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