Sheriff Says Atlanta Massage Parlor Shooter Who Killed 8 People Was Having A Bad Day

The Cherokee County sheriff responded that yesterday was a bad day for the Atlanta massage parlor shooter who killed 8 people.


When asked if the shooter understood the gravity of his actions, the sheriff said, “They got that impression, he did understand the gravity and was fed up and at the end of his rope and yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.”

The shooter was having such a bad day that went and legally bought a gun and then used it to carry out three separate mass shootings.

Authorities also suggested that the motive for the crimes was “sexual addiction,” which doesn’t pass the smell test, because there are a lot of sex workers in large metro areas but for some reason this shooter targeted Asians.

The killer did not have a bad day. He made an intentional decision to buy and deliberately kill people. The people who lost their lives and loved ones have been shattered by a heinous crime. Calling it a bad day for the killer is minimizing the ugliness of the crime.

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