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Gabrielle Giffords’s Gun Violence Prevention Advocacy Group Launches Ad Campaign Supporting Universal Background Checks

Giffords, the gun violence prevention advocacy group created by gun violence survivor and former Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), has launched a new ad campaign to pressure Republicans in the Senate to support a measure that would expand background checks on all firearms purchases.

“That’s why we’ve marched, organized, and won. Almost nothing has support from both parties but universal background checks does,” the ad says. “So will the Senate have the courage to act or does the corporate gun lobby still scare them?”

Last week, the House of Representatives passed two measures to expand background checks on all firearms purchases and transfers. The measure needs 60 votes in the Senate. If approved, it would also expand the review time for gun purchases to 10 days.

Earlier this month, a bill to expand federal background checks on all gun sales was reintroduced in the Senate by Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

For the bill to pass the Senate, all 50 Democrats need to be on board. They would also need to secure 10 votes across the aisle to overcome the legislative filibuster.

The news of the new ad campaign comes after a gunman shot and killed eight people at three Atlanta-area spas last night. Authorities arrested a 21-year-old male suspect after a brief manhunt.

“As facts continue coming in, it is clear that guns are too often weaponized as a tool of hate,” Giffords said in a statement on Twitter. “This must end.”

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