Obama Calls For Meaningful Action On Gun Violence After Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings

Former President Barack Obama called for Congress to take meaningful action on gun violence after 3 massage parlor shootings in Atlanta left 8 people dead.

Obama tweeted:

The pandemic put the issue of mass shootings somewhat on the back burner, but as the nation recovers and reopens, the scourge of gun violence will again become prominent. Senate Republicans are already telegraphing opposition to the expanding background checks bill that more than 90% of Americans support.

Filibuster reform is often connected to voting rights and raising the minimum wage, but there is no bigger life and death issue that could be impacted by weakening the filibuster than gun violence. The mass shootings in Atlanta were the canary in the coal mine for what will be returning to America, and Congress needs to act now before 8 deaths become dozens in a single mass shooting incident.

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