Opinion: Eric Trump’s Grifter Wife Funneled Dog Rescue Charity Funds To Trump

There may have been dishonest presidents in American history, but traitor Trump was not just dishonest, he was the first “grifter” White House occupant In American history.

 One can make the argument that Trump and his deceitful family would cheat anyone if they could profit financially with impunity. Trump grifted students aspiring to a better life with his phony “university,” and he certainly continues grifting his ignorant base. He also grifted the American taxpayers to the tune of $151.5 million (at least) with his frequent golf trips to his own courses.

Trump also grifted a child cancer charity that his foundation confessed to violating a legal prohibition on “self-dealing,” or using money meant for a nonprofit to benefit its leader.

Now, it is reported that Trump daughter-in-law, wife of EricTrump, funneled about 2 million dollars directly to Trump in a grift stealing money from a dog rescue. Seriously, the grift is so endemic to the Trumps that even a dog rescue was targeted. And that nearly $2 million is not the end of the story. It recently came to light that over the weekend the Lara Trump funneled an additional $225,000 to Trump.

An article in the Huffington Post reported that Lara Trump steered about $1.9 million to Trump while serving as chairwoman for charity events for Big Dog Ranch Rescue. That does not include the latest $225 thousand swindle. The dog rescue charity is in the vicinity of Palm Beach Florida about 18 miles south of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort; now his personal residence. HuffPo reported

Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump has been helping funnel donations made to a Florida dog rescue organization into the family’s pockets with pricey fundraisers at the family’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Of course the revelation was no big surprise, but it did serve to enrage anyone with a conscience whether they are dog lovers or not. In a message defending her close association with Trump, the charity’s president, Lauren. Simmons said:

Our investment there and at the other venues mentioned in the article has earned more than $12 million over an eight-year period which allows us to continue our mission,

When queried why the so-called animal advocate was putting a couple of million dollars into the pocket of a tyrant and domestic terrorist like Trump whose failed coup d’etat resulted in the deaths of three law enforcement officers and 140 others, the charity’s spokesman, Chase Scott, said that Simmonsopinion about the election and politics were beside the point. Mr. Scott said:

Politics play zero role within our organization and to infer they do does a disservice to the many who work and volunteer with a passion to heal and home our beloved dogs,

That remark is a giant pile of male bovine excrement and little else. Simmons visited the White House for the signing of a bill addressing animal cruelty, and it is well-known that Trump has no regard for cruelty to animals, or animals in general, any more than his inhumane support of slaughtering wild animals for sport.

Simmons also helped Trump after his loss to Joseph Biden by propagating Trump’s lies on social media by posting messages to stop the steal.” That Trump devised call to arms was one Trump acolytes adopted prior to attacking the Capitol in a failed, but deadly, coup d’état attempt on January 6. In fact, three days prior to the Trump-incited insurrection against the United States government Simmons shared a post stating:

 Either we TAKE power back or we will never be free again. No more asking nicely.”

Obviously, Simmons ardent political support of Trump played a huge role in helping Trump’s daughter-in-law funnel charitable donations intended to rescue and heal dogs directly into Trump’s coffers. Simmons herself is not a charitydriven person by any means. As president of the charity she reportedly earns $240,000 annually and spends a lot of time overseas to visit dog rescues.  The employees give the org a pretty low rating.

There seems to be no end of the Trump family’s intent to swindle anyone out of their money and of course conning well-meaning people with big hearts is precisely the kind of people grifters target.

Trump is renowned for scamming people, and businesses, and his own family, to line his own pockets. That his daughter-in-law helped funnel $1.9 million from a charitable organization with the assistance of a nasty Trump supporter from outside the family demonstrates that grifting is not solely familial; but in Trump’s case it always leads back to the biggest grifter in American history – dirty Donald Trump.

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