John Fetterman Confirms If He Wins PA Senate Race The Filibuster Is Toast

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman confirmed that if he wins the open US Senate race in Pennsylvania, Democrats will kill the filibuster.

Fetterman confirmed Sen. Lindsey Graham‘s warning that if Democrats win another Seate seat, the filibuster is gone:

If you are a voter who wants the filibuster gone, the goal is to support Democratic Senate candidates in states like Pennsylvania. Democrats only need to pick up an additional single seat to make Joe Manchin‘s opposition irrelevant.

Democrats are going to definitely change the filibuster rules. The filibuster won’t be gutted right now, but it will be severely weakened.

Mitch McConnell is terrified. Real change is coming, and if Democrats keep the momentum going in the 2022 midterm election, a candidate who might represent the best potential for Democrats to pick up a seat in the Senate is telling the entire country that if he wins the filibuster will be toast.

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