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The Russians Have Cut Off Mitch McConnell’s Cash In Kentucky

Last updated on March 22nd, 2021 at 05:25 am

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Remember the aluminum plant that Russians said they would build in Kentucky after Mitch McConnell helped lift sanctions? The Russians have cut off the cash.

Bloomberg News reported:

The Russian company backing an aluminum project in Kentucky said it’s suspending investments as it waits for U.S. partners to raise funds, dealing a new setback to the billion-dollar-plus mill that was supposed to be completed last year.

United Co. Rusal International PJSC announced the move on Unity Aluminum, formerly known as Braidy Industries, in a call on Wednesday. Rusal has so far poured $65 million into the venture, which local officials have been counting on to bring hundreds of high-paying jobs to the region.
The Russians said that they would build the largest aluminum plant in the United States in Kentucky. An oligarch with ties to Putin promised a $200 million investment in the state and hundreds of jobs. Instead, the people of Kentucky got nothing.

Democrats were investigating McConnell and the Russian investment, and that investigation should continue for the sake of US national security.

Putin got the sanctions lifted, and Mitch McConnell got played for a fool.

The lesson for Republicans should be that if they are going to sell themselves out to Putin, they should be smart enough to get payment up front.

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