WATCH: Former Top Mueller Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann Explains Why Michael Cohen Has Been Interviewed 8 Times

Right now, it feels like Georgia and New York are in a race to indict Donald Trump first. New York’s prosecution team has been talking to plenty of people within Trump’s orbit about his behavior.

Michael Cohen went to jail over deeds he performed on behalf of Trump. And the former lawyer is now eager to take the former President down with him. New York prosecutors have talked to Cohen 7 times and will now be speaking to him once more.

Former top Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann appeared on Nicolle Wallace‘s show on Thursday to talk about what it all might mean.

Weissmann began, “This is speculation, but I think that they have to be asking Michael Cohen about the documents that they just got from the Trump accounting firm. These are the documents that the Manhattan district attorney’s office has fought for and gone to the Supreme Court twice and won twice and finally has it in their possession, and I’m sure they are trying to get any leads, any information and see if there’s any sort of intel they can gather from Michael Cohen on those documents.”

The lawyer continued:

You know, I suspect that he has some inside information. I still do not think he will end up being a witness for them, because he has a whole host of baggage, but I think you want to exhaust all information so that you can pursue any and all leads. I am confident that this is not the only person that they are speaking to. This may just be the only person they’re speaking to who is perfectly willing to talk to the public about what he is doing.”