Fox News Exposed As Putin Propaganda Machine By Russian State Media

The propaganda nexus between Putin and Fox News was made clear by Russian state media airing clips from Fox.

Julia Davis tweeted:

The Russian state media is also hyping up a debate between Biden and Putin, which is an idea that Fox News has happily embraced:

Republican members of Congress like Rep. Devin Nunes and Sen. Ron Johnson have already been outed as Russian assets, but the Russians have propaganda partners in conservative media. The Russians got a propaganda documentary placed on One America News during the 2020 election, and sometimes if one closed their eyes, it was difficult to tell whether it was Fox News or Russian state television you were hearing.

As the recent report from the intelligence community confirmed, the Russia threat is not going away. Donald Trump is out of office, but the Russians have found willing partners in their attack on US democracy within the Republican Party.

The Fox News coverage of Putin is so favorable that it is being used as propaganda in Russia. The relationship between Fox News and Russian disinformation has never been more clear.

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