Susan Collins Is Running A Cooperation Scam, But Democrats Aren’t Buying It

Sen. Susan Collins complained that Democrats are alienating her and that she really wants to cooperate, except she doesn’t.

The Wall Street Journal reported:
She was part of a group of Republicans invited to an early meeting with President Biden in the Oval Office over coronavirus aid. But their proposal was never seriously considered by Democrats, who passed their own $1.9 trillion bill without a single Republican vote. Ms. Collins said she was frustrated by the brushoff and subsequent interactions.

“Why they would want to alienate the Republican most likely to work with them to find common ground is truly a mystery to me. And it’s obviously a very poor strategy,” she said in an interview.

The Republican proposal was never considered because Democrats wouldn’t vote for a plan that was a PR stunt. The Republican plan reduced unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, no housing assistance, no expanded access to healthcare for those impacted by COVID. It converted the assistance that it did offer in terms of food to block grants, allowing states to spend the funds in any way they wanted.

The plan was a farce. It was not even on the same planet as the Biden proposal.

Sen. Collins is running a scam. She pretends to want cooperation while offering proposals that are a list of Republican demands that she sells as bipartisan cooperation.

It is a con that the corporate media always falls for. They will ask Democrats why won’t you cooperate with Collins? When they really should be asking Sen. Collins why did you vote against a wildly popular stimulus bill that cuts taxes for the poor and middle class?
Democrats aren’t falling for this scheme. They have the power, and if Republicans want to work together, they are free to join the conversation at any time.

The days of Susan Collins’s bipartisan Three Card Monty are over.

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