Republicans Are Refusing To Support An Asian-American Hate Crimes Bill

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said that not a single Republican supports new legislation against Asian-American hate crimes.


Sen. Duckworth said on CBS’s Face The Nation, “Not at this time. It is astonishing to me. The House passed a bill, a resolution tied to covid. Republicans voted against it. Mitch McConnell, because Republicans were in charge at the time, wouldn’t even let us vote on it in the senate. Where can you be that you would not be willing to vote on a bill to condemn violence against any group of Americans?”

The violence is not going to stop if Republicans keep sending the message to their supporters that they support hate crimes. Voting against hate crimes legislation is a de facto endorsement of crimes against minorities.

The hate crimes bill is an example of how the Republican Party is being led by its base. Elected Republicans fear being primaried or losing the support of their base that they will refuse to take a stand to protect Asian-Americans from hate crimes.

Republicans have embraced racism and hate for political gain.

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