Arizona Man Arrested For Attempting to Hijack National Guard Caravan Transporting Vaccines


When Joe Biden was elected to the White House, he promised 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days. He has already exceed 100 million shots with more than a month to spare.

Americans who want to get vaccines are getting them in record numbers. But there are still plenty of people, many of them white male Trump supporters, who refuse to take the shot.

And beyond that, there are also Americans who will threaten other people’s ability to get inoculated. One of those men, Larry Harris, was arrested after trying to hijack a National Guard caravan transporting vaccines.

According to WAFB9:


“Larry Harris, a 66-year-old man from Wilcox, Arizona, was armed when he tailed three National Guard vehicles from a gas station in Lubbock to approximately two miles east of Idalou, authorities said. Idalou Police said that Harris made multiple attempts to run the caravan off the road, at times veering into oncoming traffic. Once the vans stopped, he pointed a gun at one unarmed Guardsman and demanded to search all of the vehicles, insisting that he was a detective. The Guardsmen eventually filed out of their vehicles.”

Idalou Police Chief Eric Williams said of the incident, “Mr. Harris appeared to be mentally disturbed. This was a very dangerous situation since the suspect was standing in the midst of the unarmed Guardsman with a loaded weapon when the Idalou Officers arrived on scene. We are grateful that the officers were able to take him into custody without any of the Guardsmen, the officers or the suspect getting hurt.”