Conservative Bill Kristol Calls Out The Media And GOP’s Fake Border Crisis

Conservative Bill Kristol reminded the mainstream media who are playing up the “border crisis” that is a recurring problem that Trump made worse.

Kristol tweeted:

Kristol is correct. These kinds of surges in border crossings have been happening for decades, and they are nothing that a sensible immigration policy couldn’t fix. Biden inherited a giant mess because Trump dismantled the asylum system.

Cable news has lost their minds over this “crisis at the border,” and the reason is ratings. CNN’s ratings are down 45% since President Biden took office. CNN is being accused of faking a border crossing video for ratings. MSNBC is down by 26%. Fox News is flat in terms of viewership. Cable news couldn’t handle the improvements in the pandemic and the calm of the Biden administration, so they had to create a crisis.

Bill Kristol is right. This “crisis” is nothing new. Trump put the Biden administration in a hole, but they will deal with it, but this won’t be the last time that cable news tries to gin up a crisis for ratings.

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