Louis DeJoy Is Toast As Chuck Schumer Denounces Planned USPS Cuts

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) denounced Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s planned USPS cuts and said that the Senate would be taking a look at it.


Majority Leader Schumer said at a press conference, “Look, I’ve been disappointed in Louis DeJoy since he came in, he doesn’t seem to want to keep the Post Office as robust, 90% of Americans want the Post Office kept strong, and I haven’t seen his exact plan, but we will look at things, pension reform and things like that, the problem the Post Office has that they have to put aside money for health insurance long before any other private or public company does so it’s something we want to look at, but we believe in a robust post office, and we don’t like Louis DeJoy cutting back.”

Here is a thumbnail summary of DeJoy’s planned cuts:

The problem is that the safeguards put in place to prevent corruption and political interference are slowing down the process of removing DeJoy. Congress or President Biden can’t directly remove DeJoy.

Once the Senate confirms Biden’s three new nominees to the USPS Board of Governors, the Board can start the process for removing DeJoy so that Biden can appoint a Postmaster General who will save, not destroy, the USPS.

It will get done, and Schumer’s comments are a clear signal that the Senate will not allow DeJoy to wreck the Postal Service on his way out the door.

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