The White House Just Wrecked Mitch McConnell’s Big Lie That He Doesn’t Talk To Biden

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden and McConnell talk regularly, which is the opposite of what the Senate Minority Leader told Fox News.

Video of McConnell claiming that he hasn’t talked to Biden since January 20:


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki hit McConnell with the truth at the White House daily briefing:


Psaki said in response to McConnell’s false claim on Fox News, “We have been limited on covid to any events in the East Wing. More important, sensitive vital meetings, he has had a number of meetings in the Oval Office. He will continue to do those. Does have often been constructed with committee chairs or members with specific jurisdiction. He has a long friendship with Leader McConnell. He has spoken with him. He speaks with him regularly. I expect that will continue.”


Psaki made sure to throw in the part about Biden and McConnell being longtime friends because it directly counters that story that Republicans are trying to sell that Democrats are ramming through extremist legislation on their own with no consultation or communication with Republicans.


The truth is that the Republican strategy for 2022 and 2024 is to make it seem like what Biden and the Democrats are doing is unpopular by voting against everything and not cooperating.

There is a difference between Trump and McConnell cutting Democrats completely out of the legislative process and Republicans refusing to work with President Biden.

McConnell lied on Fox News because acknowledging the truth would force him to admit that he talks to Biden all of the time. He is just refusing to work with him.

Sen. McConnell lied, and the White House called him out on it.

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