Roger Stone Scrutinized for Links to Oath Keepers and Proud Boys Who Participated in Capitol Riot

Roger Stone, the former political adviser to former President Donald Trump, is being scrutinized for his links to members of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys who participated in the Capitol riots of January 6.

Stone did not participate in the storming of the United States Capitol, which took place after Trump urged a mob of his supporters to overturn the results of the 2020 election on the baseless premise that the election was fraudulent. But he did speak at a Washington DC “Rally to Save America” where he urged an “epic struggle for the future of this country, between dark and light, between the godly and the godless, between good and evil.”

The Guardian reported that Stone “was seen in cellphone videos near a Washington hotel hanging out with six members of the far-right militia Oath Keepers” who were serving as his “bodyguards.” Additionally, Stone raised money for “private security” events before the riots that featured Trump, who continued to push his bogus election claims.

Stone has remained a top Trump ally: Last year, hinting he would pardon Stone, Trump insisted Stone “as a victim of a corrupt and illegal Witch Hunt, one which will go down as the greatest political crime in history.”

Stone was convicted of lying during testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in September 2017 to conceal the role he played in the Trump campaign’s attempt to learn about Democratic computer files hacked by Russia and made public by WikiLeaks to damage Hillary Clinton in 2016.