The Top Luxury Travel Agency in the World Has Dropped All Trump Hotels and Resorts

Donald Trump has tried his hand at a number of different businesses. There was Trump University which was sued for defrauding the students who enrolled. There were also failed ventures like Trump Wine, Trump Water and Trump Steaks.

The one thing the family has been moderately successful at has been running hotels and resorts. The most famous of these is Mar-a-Lago, which the former president would like to make his full-time home.

But even the hotels and resorts in the brand could be in serious jeopardy. The COVID-19 pandemic, severely mismanaged by Trump, has put a significant dent in the hospitality business.

And now a top luxury travel agency called Virtuoso has removed all of the Trump properties from their listings. Luxury Launches called Virtuoso, “the travel industry’s most prominent and undisputed player.”

The publication continues, “This quiet elimination of all 10 Trump-branded hotels and resorts from its list of preferred partners will… severely hamper Trump’s hotel management and licensing business, which is already down $24 million since 2019, as well as his golf resorts in Miami and Europe, which are down another $120 million.”

Trump branded properties have been hurting all over the globe. The Trump Washington DC Hotel has reportedly been a ghost town following Trump’s departure from the White House and the January 6th insurrection.

The golf course built by the organization in Scotland has been hemorrhaging money for years. There have also been calls for an investigation into how the course is being funded.