Lindsey Graham Throws A Fit Because Biden Won’t Abuse Migrant Kids Like Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) essentially claimed that President Biden is making the immigration situation worse because he isn’t behaving like Trump.


Graham said, “President Biden’s news conference today has made all of our immigration problems worse. . His announcement that were are going to open up 5,000 beds for unaccompanied minors is going to increase the flow. It’s clear to me that President Biden doesn’t know the basics of our own immigration system…This whole idea of doing away with the remain in Mexico policy where people had to wait for their asylum date is going to lead to a tsunami this summer.”

Graham went on to complain that Biden doesn’t understand the Trump policy, the pull factors of immigration, and blamed the President for allowing migrant kids to stay in the country.

Sen. Graham was lying. The Washington Post crunched the data and found that the increase in migration at the Southern border fits the pattern of a seasonal increase.

The “crisis” at the border is a fake narrative cooked up by Republicans to scare their voters about immigrants. Cable news networks are trying to boost their sagging ratings by amplifying this false claim so that they have a “crisis” to cover.

Lindsey Graham is throwing a fit because Biden is undoing Trump’s policies.

Graham wants migrant kids put back in cages instead of being in facilities, and he is upset that Joe Biden insists on treating migrant children in a way that is consistent with American values.

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