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WATCH: Martin Luther King III Denounces New Georgia Voting Laws as “A Form of Racism”

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In 2020, Democrats were able to regain control of the White House and the Senate. It would have been impossible to do so without the state of Georgia.

The long time red state turned purple in the last calendar year. In November, Joe Biden secured the state’s 16 electoral votes. In January, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff eeked out wins and gave Democrats control of the United States Senate


In response to the big wins, Georgia Republicans are attempting to suppress voting in the state. Martin Luther King III weighed in on the new laws today, calling them a form of racism.

The son of the civil rights legend told CNN people must, “more vigilant — black people, young people, older people, poor people are going to have to be more vigilant.”

King III continued, “It’s unfortunate this trend is happening across America, and over 40 states across our nation. There used to be a time if you called someone a racist, they would want to retreat. Now it seems to be alright to be a racist. It’s a sad day in America, quite frankly.”


Host Pamela Brown then asked if the new voting restrictions were a form of racism. King III responded,

Oh, absolutely. In the communities of color, and many other communities, after church — ‘souls to the polls.’ People are led to the polls. Certainly we can praise God all the time, and go to church on Sabbath Day, but also, we can participate in the government.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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