Lindsey Graham And Ted Cruz Mocked As GOP Armed Border Tour Backfires

Sens. Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and other Republicans thought it would be a good photo-op to tour the border in an armed boat. They were wrong.

Video of some of America’s least popular politicians floating on boat to look tough:

The mocking has been swift and severe:

A bunch of rich middle-aged white guys throw on some camo and think that they are making a political point about the border by rolling down the river slow enough for cameras to catch them while doing their best to look tough.

The polling has flipped on immigration. Americans want more immigration, not less, and just 8% of those polled say it is the most important issue in the country.

Republicans are trying to make an issue out of something that over 90% of the country doesn’t care about, and those who do care want more immigration, not less.

The little publicity stunt that Senate Republicans pulled backfired on them by showing how unpopular and out of step they are on this issue. Republicans still haven’t learned that when they run on hard-line immigration positions, they lose elections and embarrass themselves.

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