Prosecutors Are Lining Up Witnesses To Criminally Convict Trump

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance has reached the point in his investigation where he is lining up witnesses who can explain why should be convicted.

Via Vanity Fair:

In the last several months, the D.A. has brought on the attorney who put John Gotti and other white-collar criminals behind bars, has reportedly been working to flip the Trump Organizations longtime CFO, and, most crucially, obtained Trump’s much sought-after tax returns, documents that the Queens-born real estate developer has gone to such extreme lengths to keep secret that some people have gotten the impression they contain extremely incriminating information.

Now, Vance’s office has taken the next step in its criminal investigation: finding people who can explain to a jury why Trump is a possible crook.

The DA is looking at bankers, bookkeepers, real estate consultants who all work or have worked for outside companies on Trump’s business dealings. Prosecutors are looking for witnesses who have first-hand experience working on Trump deals and can explain what is in the paperwork and why it is illegal to a jury.

The notion that Trump is going to skate on the possible bank and tax fraud charges that he looks almost certain to face is looking less likely by the day.

Prosecutors appear to have their evidence against Trump. They have moved on to gathering witnesses who can help them prove their case in court to potentially make Donald Trump a convicted felon.

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