Republican Lawyer Nailed For Fraud For Filing Bogus Election Challenges

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:24 pm

A Trump-supporting Minnesota lawyer was sanctioned for fraud after she duped people into signing affidavits in bogus election challenge lawsuits.

According to the Pioneer Press:

A Minnesota attorney who filed legal challenges to the November election of five congressional Democrats was given a $10,000 sanction Friday after a judge found she “bamboozled” voters into signing on as plaintiffs without their knowledge or permission.

“Susan Shogren Smith … perpetrated a fraud against this court and, more importantly, perpetrated a fraud against these plaintiffs,” Ramsey County Chief District Judge Leonardo Castro said from the bench.

Smith conned voters into signing affidavits and becoming plaintiffs in election challenge cases without telling them what they were signing or the consequences of their actions. Trump and his lawyers were waving around affidavits after the election, but given what happened in Minnesota, it is fair to question how many of those sworn accounts were legitimate.

The fraud relating to the 2020 election has been found, and it was committed by Donald Trump and his supporters in their efforts to con the judicial system into overturning the legitimate victory of President Joe Biden.

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