GOP Senator Makes Border Trip Fiasco Worse By Appearing To Demand Americans Buy Local Meth

While visiting the border, Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) bemoaned that Mexico is beating the United States in the meth market.


Sen. Daines said, “The flood of Mexican meth, Mexican heroin, Mexican fentanyl. Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. It was homegrown. And you had purity levels less than 30%. Today the meth that is getting into Montana is Mexican cartel.”

Sen. Daines gave a whole new spin to the slogan shop locally.

Republicans have already been widely mocked for their trip to the border that featured an armed boat, Ted Cruz in camo, and Lindsey Graham looking like he really has to pee, but I don’t think the message that the Republican Senators wanted out there in the media is that we need to secure the border to save the mom and pop US meth labs all across the United States.

The GOP Senate trip to the border, which was paid for with your tax dollars, is an example of what happens when a political stunt goes horribly wrong.

Senate Republicans being strong supporters of the domestic meth industry would explain a lot.

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