Jen Psaki Slays The Fox News Lie On The Immigration Crisis That Isn’t

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki took out the Fox News lie that there is an immigration crisis on the southern border.


Psaki said on Fox News Sunday:

Well, Chris, first, actually, there was an increase of about 31% of people coming to the border during the final months of the Trump administration. There’s been about a 29% increase since President Biden took office, but our focus is on solutions. This past week we reopen — are we opened

I should say several facilities that will provide almost 7,000 beds so that we can move these children from the border patrol facilities into shelters. We’ve also taken steps to expedite processing at the border. The border remains closed. It is not open, we are turning away the majority of adults but what we are really talking about here is children and how we are handling that in the safest and most humane capacity.

The data reveals that the current situation on the southern border is not unprecedented. It happens several times each year. The difference is that Trump created a bottleneck by destroying the asylum system while also sending migrants to wait in Mexico.

Numerically, the situation on the border is not abnormal. The Biden administration is being forced to rebuild the entire legal immigration system because Trump destroyed it.

The underpinning of Wallace’s question was the false GOP claim that Biden’s policies are fueling an immigration crisis. The reality is that Joe Biden has replaced Trump’s policy of cruelty to children with compassion.

Press Secretary Psaki has proven herself to be very skilled at going on Fox News and setting the record straight. It is tough for Fox to claimed that they are being excluded when Psaki is going on their Sunday show to debunk the lies.

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